50′ Hose Sets In Grey, And Black


100′ Hose Sets In Grey, And Black


And Our New 100′ Hose Set In Grey

The new upgraded set contains:

A Exclusive New Blue 10 Function Nozzle, 100% Metal Body, 100% Metal Flow Control, Ergonomic Grip.

All Hose Kits Include:
  • 1 – Expandable Hose
  • 1 – Metal 10 Selection Spray Nozzle
  • 1 – Black Metal Hose Hanger
  • 1 – Cloth Storage Bag
  • 2 – Heavy Duty Hose Gaskets

Here At Coastal Outdoor Suppliers We Seek To Provide Simple And Quality Products. We Take Great Care In Our Manufacturing Process To Offer A Quality Expandable Hose.
Many companies sell hoses we know to be the cheapest quality they can find. They care about profits first, and the products quality second. The outrageous thing is many of the cheaper quality products are being offered at the same retail price as the good ones! We spent extra time sourcing the best materials for our products, and spared no expense to offer top quality.

We have upgraded the interior tubing, added a heavy duty hose grommet, and reconfigured the brass fittings to a manufacturer exclusive design. We are always looking for ways to offer a more durable product, without affecting its functionality.

You Can Use Our Hoses In A Variety Of Ways
They are great for everyday things like watering the garden, bathing pets, washing the car, rinsing walkways, cleaning out the garbage cans, and more!

We Use The One Of The Best Combos Of Materials In The Industry.
Our 100% natural triple latex core is combined with a 3750D 100% spun polyester jacket, this is one of the most durable combos available on the market. A thicker tubing has less elasticity, a thicker jacket reduces the effectiveness of the hoses ability to recoil when emptied. This happy medium means a perfect equilibrium in durability. All the fittings are made to 3/4” USA standard, heavy duty solid brass, and resistant to leaks, cracks, and corrosion.

Our Hoses Are Lightweight, And Expand 3 Times There Original Length
Lightweight, They Expand 3 Times There Original Length they can operate at 3.5-12bars/50-225psi. We add a little extra material because we want to make sure our customers get the full distance. Even if they have lower water pressure in their area they will always measure up.

The Flexible, Kink/Leak Free Design Of Our Hoses Means No More Hassles
The Flexible Design Means No More Hassles. When your done just turn off the water, let the hose empty, and within seconds it has returned to its compact size. Our hoses also have a convenient metal holder you simply hang from your hose bib. Why Metal, because plastic is cheap, tacky, and breaks easily after being in the sun a while. The set comes in a handy storage bag in case you have to pack it up for inclement weather.

THE HOSE DOES HAVE A OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE RANGE OF 32F to 86F, and should not be used for anything under 32F or over 104F to avoid damage. Some companies only tell you the temperature range for the fittings, we feel this is deceptive since the brass has a wider operating range then the hose itself can handle. Also avoid direct sun exposure, especially with unused water as it can heat up and soften the interior tubing causing weak points. These hoses also do not like thorns, and pointy objects as they can lead to punctures.


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