All Hose Kits Include:
  • 1 – Expandable Hose
  • 1 – Metal 10 Selection Spray Nozzle
  • 1 – Black Metal Hose Hanger
  • 1 – Cloth Storage Bag
  • 2 – Heavy Duty Hose Gasket

Never short our hose expands to slightly over their rating, this ensures the full length in areas with lower water pressures. It retracts very quickly for easy handling, and storage. Our hoses will always measure up, and even exceed your expectations!

These hoses are heavy duty and built to last, we have specifically addressed the reaction issues old hoses had between the tube and the brass fittings. This brings an end to the reactions that lead to the bursting issues competitors had at the fittings. They can operate at 3.5-12bars/50-225psi, and expand to 3 times their length over 4bar. All the fittings are made to 3/4” USA standard, heavy duty solid brass, and resistant to leaks, cracks, and corrosion.

Our high quality 3750D 48 ply exterior & 100% natural triple layer latex core offers the best combination in the industry. Don’t let the higher thread count of competitors fool you. Some manufacturers feature a 5000D exterior, however because of the fiber density it actually reduces the hose to only 32 ply.

Lightweight and easily portable for storage or on the go. If you need a hose for your work truck, or want to conserve space this is a great product choice. You can use our hoses in a variety of ways they are great for everyday things like watering the garden, bathing pets, washing the car, rinsing walkways, cleaning out the garbage cans, and more!

The hoses do have a optimum temperature range of 32F to 86F, and should not be used for anything under 32F or over 104F to avoid damage. Some companies only tell you the temperature range for the fittings, we feel this is deceptive since the brass has a wider operating range then the hose itself can handle.

50′ Hose

100′ Hose

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